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Introduction to organizations and set up
Introduction to organizations and set up

Organization basics and how to create a new organization

Written by Igor Ivanovski
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Organizations are a new way to organize and collaborate within the Usetrace app. It covers both project and users into one logical entity. Users can share and edit projects and traces without the need to be invited to every project separately.

Organization Settings

The organization settings are made up of the Organization Details, Projects, and Users. The organization details page allows the user to set up an organization, see the details, view the plan overview, edit the organization and also add other owners.

By setting up an organization the user is then allowed to enter the Projects and Users page, which enables the user to invite other users into the organization, invite members to the projects, create projects and edit or delete them.

Additionally, there is an option to select other organizations to which the user is invited, this is done by clicking the menu in the header and choosing the organization. In these organizations, the user can also make the aforementioned actions depending on the role assigned.

Organization Set up

The user can set up an organization by clicking on the ‘Create My Organization’ button on the first page in the settings page. The organization set up process includes the following steps:

  1. Choosing the plan that suits your organization/team

  2. Filling basic information about the organization

  3. Reviewing the request

  4. Sending the request

Initially, the organization will be in pending status after being created. The user can finish setting up the organization once the request has been processed. This process could take up to 24 hours. The user will be contacted by the team at the provided email address.

When the request is approved then the setup can be completed by clicking on the ‘Continue Organization Set Up’ button, this button will redirect the user to a page where there’s an option to invite other users in the organization or skip the step and finish the setup. On the other side, while the organization is in pending status the user can cancel the request if he wishes to.

Organization Plan

Every organization is associated with a plan that holds the capabilities that the organization and projects will have. Some of these capabilities are the number of projects and users that your organization supports, and the max parallel trace sessions your projects will support when running the tests.

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