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Secure connection (https)
Secure connection (https)

How to set up a secure connection between Usetrace and your network

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Your access to the web app

Allow http(s) and websocket protocols without restrictions to outgoing ports 80 and 443 on the domains and

Help! My editor gets stuck!

Some corporate firewalls may buffer websocket requests and this may cause connection issues in Usetrace editor. Check that websocket connections are unrestricted and unbuffered.

This is a helpful site to check that your firewall settings are not blocking websocket connections:

Usetrace access to your site

Usetrace needs to get access to your site that you want to test. You define your site in Usetrace as your Base URL.

If the URL is available in the public internet, you are good to go. Your site may not be available in the public internet, e.g. your staging environment. It is possible to allow Usetrace to access your internal sites as well.

Options on testing internal sites:

  1. Whitelist Usetrace ip from your firewall (,, and 2a05:d018:139:b700::/56)

  2. Make your web server publicly accessible for testing. See Tunneled connection.

  3. If you use basic authentication, you can define the credentials in the Base URL, e.g.

  4. You can open an SSH tunnel from your network to Usetrace infrastructure. Contact us at for details

  5. Setup a VPN. Contact us for details.

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