Subscription process explained

Written by Georgij Lazarevski
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The subscription feature represents a process of steps to license a user or an organization with the chosen plan capabilities that have monthly recurring payments.

The process itself is very simple. The first view of the subscription page shows the user its current subscription status linked to a plan.

If the user is in a trial state, then he will be an Organization Plan license that has several plan capabilities and different monthly prices.

Every time the user chooses an organization plan on the subscription page, it leads to the organization setup steps which is a process of creating another organization that contains a billing payment form as a final step of the setup.

The billing process is done once and it represents a monthly recurring payment per selected plan price until the user decides to “Cancel Subscription” on the Subscription page.

When upgrading a subscription plan, the process involves creating a new organization linked to the newly selected plan's capabilities or just selecting a product plan if the organization already existed and proceeding to the billing form.

Furthermore, projects can be migrated from the previous organization to the new organization manually via the dashboard by the user, or with the assistance of the support team.

Upgrading to an ORGANIZATION offers:

- a collaboration between team members, for a smoother experience when sharing multiple projects for multiple users.

- incoming Dashboards feature, which will offer a visual representation of stats retrieved from running projects and traces and project reports

- better parallel concurrency testing

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