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Sharing your project and traces with any user
Sharing your project and traces with any user

Project and trace sharing via URL for easier collaboration

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You can share your project with whomever you like in Usetrace. Sharing works with pull URLs that link projects to each other. When the projects are linked, you are able to pull all the traces from any of your linked projects. Also a friend who has linked your project can pull your traces.

Every project has its own copy of traces. When traces are pulled from project A to project B, it means that they are copied from project A and merged into project B. Project A will not change, but project B will have all the traces with their latest changes from project A.

Share your project with another account

1. Enable pull to share your project

To allow your friends to pull your project and its traces, first, navigate to the Collaboration tab. Then, click Enable pull.

2. Share your pull URL with your friend

Now you that you have the pull URL for your project, you can share it with your friends. Copy the pull URL and send it to your friends. When they open it, they will be able to Merge your traces into their project.

Everytime you enable pull a new pull URL is generated.

Pull traces from another project

1. Merge your friend’s project with your project

First, open the pull URL that your friend sent to you. When you open a pull URL, you will be taken to the merge page to confirm if you want to merge your friend’s project with yours.

The merge page shows you how the two projects will be merged. If your friend has made changes to the same traces that you have, your versions of these traces will be copied with the prefix “Backup: “ added to the name. Also, if both of you changed the same trace after the previous merge, your trace will be copied with the prefix “Backup: “.

Pull URL will also link the project by adding it under your Collaboration tab.

2. Pull & merge from the collaboration tab

You can pull traces from a linked project by clicking the Pull button. This will take you to the merge page.

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