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Continuous integration with Jenkins
Continuous integration with Jenkins

Jenkins CI settings for triggers that run your tests automatically once you complete a software build

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Jenkins is a self-contained, open source automation server which can be used to automate all sorts of tasks related to building, testing, and deploying software.

1. Set the following in Jenkins settings

   ↳Execute_shell_command (or Windows shell command in Windows)

2. Shell command to execute

Make sure to insert your project id, baseUrl, required capabilities and possible tags


if [ ! -f $SCRIPT_PATH ]; then
    curl -sL > $SCRIPT_PATH
bash $SCRIPT_PATH    


You need to have cygwin and curl installed, and downloaded to c:\usetrace.

set path=%path%;c:\cygwin\bin;c:\curl\bin
bash c:\usetrace\    


  • Project ID: Get it from your Settings

  • Required capabilities: comma separated list of firefox,chrome,ie9,ie10,ie11

  • Base url: Web URL where your traces start from

  • Wanted tags: comma separated list of desired tags

3. Configure reports In Jenkins’ settings

Post-build Actions
  ↳ ☒ Publish JUnit test result report
    Test report XMLs: "target/test-reports/*.xml"
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