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Creating and deleting projects, reusing assets, giving access rights to team members (invite members)

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When you’re testing multiple applications, you ought to create separate projects for them. You can also have separate projects for different features of your product, the separation is up to you. This keeps the test assets cleanly separated from each other while you can use your single Usetrace account to manage testing of multiple projects.

In this article we go through how to create test projects, how to reuse test assets between different projects and finally how to delete projects.

Read a blog post about the multi-project feature.

Creating projects

The project menu is located in the header when you have logged in to Usetrace. You can create new projects from the project menu.

Reusing test assets between projects

You may want to reuse some traces in many of your projects. To do so, select a project you want to copy traces to, navigate to Collaboration and click “Pull” on a local source project. This takes you to the basic project merge view where you can select what test assets you want to copy.

Deleting projects

Navigate to Settings. From this page, you can delete currently selected project.

Granting project access to your team members

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