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Changing values in routines (Parameters)
Changing values in routines (Parameters)

How to run routines/modules with changing values, e.g. login with different user names

Written by Igor Ivanovski
Updated over a week ago

Changing values for reusability

You can reuse a trace or a routine with different values by using parameters. For example, if you have a login routine but you want to use it to test different users, you can change the credentials with parameters.

Currently, trace parameters can be set via API. This how-to is for setting routine parameters.

See how to create routines under reusability.

See how to access parameters in Javascript using variables.

Set parameters for a routine

1. Open parameter settings for a routine step

Find the “Parameter mapping” tab of a routine step.

By default, the content is mapped to the parameter name ("email" in this case).

3. Set a value to a parameter

By choosing "Change parameter name", you can change the name of the parameter & set a different value. You can also overwrite the parameter’s name when having nested routine steps by editing the “Parameter name” field.

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